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Making Money Online Was Never So Easy! - TeeSpring

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Making Money Online With TeeSpring So Easy

What is the easiest way to make money online then my answer would be – TeeSpring!

The coolest part is that, you don’t need to have any website to get started & secondly, you can start with ZERO investment.

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So, what we are going to do here?

We’re gonna sell T-Shirts! That sounds crazy, Right? Yes, but believe me it’s not difficult at all.

>> Let us begin…

Making Money with TeeSpring

Before proceeding further, let me introduce you to teespring. It is an online marketplace of T Shirts where you can buy Tees of your choice. You can either customize yourself or buy ready-made garments.

Process flow :

Create an awesome T-shirt design (too easy) > Launch campaign > people order your shirt > you earn money > rest of the things like printing & delivering that shirt will be handled by TeeSpring

To begin with, you need to open a new account through this link. Now login & click on ‘create & sell’ option.

Then you will have an editor like this:

It’s quite easy to use, no technical stuffs at all. Just enter text, some cool symbols from in-built artwork & you’re good to go!

On the right hand side you’ll find styling & designing options. Select the quality of material (high quality means higher price). I prefer Hanes Tagless Tee because they are relatively cheaper & give good returns on investment.

Here’s a sample of my t shirt design:

Once your’e done with design part, click on ‘sell this’ button. Now set your goal, means how much t shirts you want to print. Nothing to explain much here, pretty simple. Just go with 20 to 50 number.

If you scroll down a bit, there will be an ‘apparel’ option. Teespring not just sells tees but they also offer coffee mug, handbags, hoodies, sweatshirt & many other products. Just customize them however you want at no extra cost. More products = more profits

Now edit the price the way you want. I will recommend to go with lesser price. You will get less profits (in the range of $2/sell) but to test things out you must set low profit margins at the beginning.

Click on next button again to proceed further.

This is time to apply your creativity. Give a nice & attractive title to your design & describe it briefly. I’m not so good at it, but still I will give you little idea:

Pickup the suitable category & finally launch your campaign!

If your design is truly fantastic, then you will bank hard. I have seen many guys making more than $5000 per month using this method with some great strategies.

So, be creative & create something that people would love to buy. To make this a bit simple, I will suggest you to do these things:

Open your facebook account & see right side bar. There you will find list of trending stuffs. Pickup one of them in which you see potential & start making t shirts straight away.

Secondly, goto & see which facebook post is getting shared most in last 48 hours. Then check what is their niche & create tees related to it.

Alternately, visit to get the list of popular searches on Google. Know you know what to do next!

How To Start Making $100 A Day With TeeSpring As A Beginner

Thanks for reading Making Money Online Was Never So Easy! - TeeSpring

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