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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How To Make Money With Bidvertiser

  Thanh A       Tuesday, June 5, 2018
How to make money with Bidvertiser ?

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the best alternates of Google Adsense founded in the year 2003. Bidvertiser is advertisement network based on Pay Per Click which pays for every visitor that clicks on an advertisement placed on your website or blog and earn extra revenue if the click turns into a conversion. The best part of the Bidvertiser publisher program is that it accepts free hosting blogs. Blogger who can't afford paid hosting canbest option for Bidvertiser publisher program. Bidvertiser assures that great relationship with advertiser and publisher.

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How does it work?

Bidvertiser checks the Publisher’s site’s like the website or blog category and display the highest bidders on his site.

When anyone visitor clicks ads publisher earn money and they make extra revenue if a click turns into conversion.

Advertisers set bids for their ads to displayed in websites or blogs of some specific category.
Publishers get paid at the end of the month.

Ad FormatsBidvertiser supports 3 types of groups of ads: Inline Ads, Banners, and Skyscrapers. All ads are customizable to fit the site’s look & feel. All these ads look like Adsense ads.

Toolbar CreatorYou may use their Toolbar Creator also which allows you to make your own customize the toolbar. You can make your own menu in “My menu” containing links to your website.

XML FeedsYou can use XML feeds to displays ads across your web apps like web search, Domain parking, In the text, Toolbar search results or any other contextual content.

Payment MethodsBidvertiser pays publisher on Net 30 days via Paypal, check, western, union and wire transfer. The best thing about Bidvertiser is its low minimum payout requirement which gives even new publishers chance to receive their earnings. Here are the payment methods and minimum earning require for payout.
  • Paypal – Minimum $10
  • Western Union – Minimum $100
  • Check – Minimum $100
  • Wire transfer – Minimum $10
How to Start with BidvertiserI assume that you are having the blog where you want to add Bidvertiser ads.

Enter the 

Select web publishers and join Now – its Free. Then enter your Name with full account details and copy activation code from your own Email and paste it into the proper field as per requirement.

  • Your publisher account approved same day and you can start getting ads on your blog.
  • Get started to click on “Add new Bidvertiser” tab and fill your website URL. Now you have to choose a type of category for your website.
  • Once you have complete instructions, you will be redirected to the Bidvertiser center where you will find all type of ad units. Just click on ‘Get Ad code’ to make ad unit code.
  • Now you can copy and paste the code as you have togenerate and place it where you want to show ads on your blog.
  • Your Bidvertiser new ads on your blog within few seconds.
  • Bidvertiser show revenue stats will be updated once in 24 hours during business days only in 72 hours weekends.
  • Bidvertiser Vs AdsenseBidvertiser is the best alternative of Adsense. As some of the Bidvertiser ads look like Adsense ads, you cannot use both ads at the same time. The rate of PPC of Bidvertiser is comparatively lower than Adsense.

Advantage :

  • The approval process and setup are easy and Fast. It seems there is no approval process. your site will get accepted as soon as you will submit it.
  • They accepted also subdomain, subdomain includes,
  • Bidvertiser publishers can run ads on the different site without separate approval.
  • Once publisher adds code Bidvertiser ads show instantly.
  • Bidvertiser publisher can customize the ads and toolbar.
  • It has also a referral program from which money can make referring Advertisers and Publishers to Bidvertiser.


  • The CPC is very low when compared to another ad networks.
  • The dashboard is not attractive, this is one of the reasons that only few people signup to Bidvertiser.
  • The quality of ads is not good.
  • Sometimes the ads shown on the sites are irrelevant.

How To Make Money With Bidvertiser -

How To Make Money With Bidvertiser -

How To Make Money With Bidvertiser -

How To Make Money With Bidvertiser -

Stupid Method Make Me 5,735$ With Bidvertiser Step By Step For Beginners


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