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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to Earn Money With Infolinks

  Thanh A       Wednesday, June 6, 2018
How to Earn Money With Infolinks – Complete Review & Tutorial

Every day hundreds of Adsense accounts are disabled due to getting wrong something from peoples. It is not a disgrace if you lost your Adsense account. There are a lot of high paying Google Adsense alternatives which you can use other than Adsenes.

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You must get ready for every action which Google takes. You keep alternative of Adsense, and the famous alternative of Google Adsense is Infolinks. You can use Infolinks with Adsense or without it that’s no matter. The matter is that to earn money with your online content.

How to Earn Money With Infolinks

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What is Infolinks – In text advertisement Program

Infolinks is a CPC ad serving program like Adsense. Its ads are shown in text on your site. When some body click those ads they pay you according to cost of keyword. It is much better after Adsense I recommend to use this. You might take some time to make a regular passive income from Infolinks because it require some great amount of text on your site so in which they can place their ads.

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Requirements To Join Infolinks.
  • You must have your own blog or website.
  • Your blog must have at least 10 posts.
  • Blog must be in English.
  • Your blog have at least 50 daily visitors.
  • How to Join Infolinks Program?- (Earn Money With Infolinks

So here is a step by step guide for you that how to apply and get approved for Infolinks.

Step 1. Visit Infolinks.Com and click on Join Us, You can sign in by using your Facebook account. See the picture below.

Click Here to Sign Up For Infolinks

Earn Money With Infolinks

Fill the given form and click on join. A new page will be open.

Step 2. After filling the form they will provide you a HTML ad code, Copy It.

Earn Money With Infolinks

Step 3. Paste the code in the HTML of your site before the </body> tag .

Step 4. After pasting the code your site will be pending for approval.

Step 5. And your site will be approved within 48 hours. The ads will automatically pop up after approval.

Step 6. Once your account is created your are able to log in to your account. Log in o your account by clicking on publisher log in.

Step 7. After successful log in to your account provide all your payment information to your account. It will update and redirect to you your account dashboard. Here you can check your all information about your site and can check earning reports. You can update your payment information and your profile information. You can add multiple sites to your account they will be waited for approval.

How much You Can Earn From Infolinks ? – Earn Money With Infolinks

There is no limit of earning from Infolinks ads, the limit is only sky. You can earn thousands of dollars from Infolinks ads serving. You only have a good rank and high traffic website or blog. If your blog gains a high traffic there is no doubt to earn a lot from it.

How to Get Paid From Infolinks? – Earn Money With Infolinks

According to the Infolinks TOS, They issue payments no later than 45 days from the end of the month, but the only condition is that your earnings have reached the minimum payout threshold of $50 (PayPal) or $100 if you chose a Bank Wire or Western Union Transfer.

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Infolinks offers several other convenient ways for publishers to receive their monthly payments i.e. PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union or Payoneer etc.

You can select your preferred payment method under Payment Settings in your Infolinks account dashboard.

So, there above is some general information about Infolinks, I hope you will get your Infolinks account after following my tips. Share this post with your friends and Remember me in Your Prayers.

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