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Friday, December 28, 2018

Payoneer Sign Up Guide

  Thanh A       Friday, December 28, 2018

Payoneer Sign Up Guide  [ Get a $25 Bonus For Free NOW! ]

If you want to know the Payoneer Sign Up process, or you want to Get Free $25 Bonus. Then you are at right place because I will guide you how to get a Payoneer account and earn 25 Dollars and will provide you step by step procedure on how to sign up Payoneer account.

>> How To Activate Payoneer Account?

 Payoneer Sign Up Guide

You want to Sing Up for Payoneer. I am happy that you want to Sign Up for Payoneer account because there are many benefits of Payoneer.

Whatever you are a freelancer or a webmaster or an SEOexpert or a Blogspot (Blogger) you need to receive money at the end of your hard work.
And Payoneer is the best method to get your payments in your hand without any tension all you need to do is to sign up for Payoneerr.

Payoneer is the best payment solution provider the reason for which they are best is not that they provide us a bonus of $25.

Instead, the reason is they are really best because they provide the best service I mean they don’t take the fees of currency conversion, and there are also many other benefits too that is why I am happy to share Payoneer with you.

Most of the people think that they cannot receive money from the internet without a bank account. I also used to think the same but when I come to know about the Payoneer I started searching How to Get Free Payoneer Account, and I immediately signed for the Payoneer and started receiving my money from the internet.

The best thing is that I didn’t use a bank account to receive my money. Instead, I use Payoneer Account, and most of the people don’t know.

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​So let’s start this tutorial.

​What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a payment solution company which provides online accounts to its users. The users can receive funds to their and can withdraw their money from any countries' bank account.

​History of Payoneer

​Payoneer was founded back in 2005, and it is a financial service business that provides the facilities to send and receive money all over the globe (about in 200 countries). The headquarters of Payoneer is in New York City. Payoneer was founded by Yuval Tal who is the CEO of this company at the present time.

​What is The Biggest Benefit of Payoneer Sign Up?

There are many advantages of using Payoneer, but the most significant benefit of Payoneer Sign Up is that if you don’t have a bank account, then you can still use Payoneer to receive money from all over the world. You just need to signup for Payoneer Prepaid Account and can withdraw money from any ATM machine at any place in the world.

Some Important Benefits of Payoneer​

​As I have described it many times that there are many advantages of Payoneer and also have described the biggest advantage of the Payoneer. But there are still some more benefits of Payoneer which you should know. So, these significant benefits of Payoneer are described below.

You can receive your money in you Payoneer from freelancer sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Up Word and much more. Moreover, you can also get payments from the US-based organization like Clickbank, Shareasale, etc.
  • You can not only receive the money you can also send money to your clients.
  • You can buy online products too and can pay using your Payoneer.
  • If you want to have a bank account in the US, then you can also have one by creating a virtual bank service in your Payoneer account.
  • The most striking feature of Payoneer is that you can also earn money from its affiliate and Refer a friend programs.

Is Payoneer Free?

This is the most asked question on the internet even on the Payoneer Community that is Payoneer Free?

Let me answer that Payoneer is neither free nor paid, unlike any other service Payoneer charges some fees from their users which are too small that you can't imagine, So, you can say that Payoneer is free because they cost only $30 for one year which is not too much. Since you will get Payoneer Sign Up Bonus of $25, then the first year fee will be just $5 for you.

So, now when someone asks you the question Is Payoneer Free, then say them yes it is almost free.

What Are Fees of Payoneer?

Below is the table which describes the Fee Structure of Payoneer.

Fee Structure of Payoneer

Account Fees

*There is a fee for transactions originated in a country outside of the country of issuance OR in a currency different than the your currency above all fees assessed.

How to Get Payoneer Account For Free with $25 Bonus

Well, Singing Up for Payoneer is as simple as making tea (It is easy to make tea). You just need to go to the website of the Payoneer and have to fill the form correctly after the submission of your Payoneer you will receive your within a few days or weeks depending on your physical location i.e. Country.

Although Singing up for Payoneer is easy, you should read below guide to and you should signup from my Payoneer referral link if you want to earn $25 bonus.

Steps to Follow For Payoneer Sign Up

Step 1. First of all click below sign up button.

​Step 2. A new tab will be opened there click on Sign Up and Earn $25* button like below image.

Step 3. After you click on Sing Up & Earn $25*” Payoneer will ask you that whether you want to receive money in you Local Bank Account.

You can choose Local Bank Account if you want your payments direct into your Bank Account which you have to link there after sign up process.

Select your preferred withdrawal method

Step 4. Now you will see a Payoneer Sing Up form which you have to fill with your correct information. So, there you have to enter your First name, Last name, Email, and Date of Birth. After filling the form click on Next button.

Getting started at Payoneer Sing Up Form

Step 5. The next step is to provide your Contact Details. This is very important because if you type anything wrong, you might not get your Payoneer. So first enter the name of your Country, Then Street Address. Then enter your City name and Postal / Zip Code (if you don’t know your postal code then search the Google). Finally, you have to enter your Mobile Number.

Providing Contact Details

Step 6. Here it comes the security. Payoneer safety is very important, so they secure you from unwanted accesses. That’s why here in this Payoneer Sign Up page you have to enter the Security details. These details include your Username, Password, and a Security question.

Providing Security Details on Payoneer Sign Up Form

Step 7. Now here is the final step of the Payoneer Sign Up process. In this page, you have to enter your details as per on your ID. So, select the type of your Government ID, Name as on your Nations ID, Notional ID# and Country of Issue. All these details will be available on your ID provided by your country.

Last Step of Payoneer Sign Up

Step 8. Finally, here is the last step of the Payoneer Sign Up. If you have an alternate shipping address, then it is good practice to add this because if something happens with your address, then your account will be automatically shipped to the new address. Now you just need to agree all the terms and conditions by ticking and the click on ORDER button. 
That’s it you have successfully signed up for Payoneer.

Enter Alternate Shipping Address

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Thanks for reading Payoneer Sign Up Guide

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